Top 3 Things Learned At ITNation Connect 2019

Things Learned At ITNation Connect 2019

I have not missed any ITNation Connect event since 2007.  Thus far, this year had the biggest congregation compared to the 100 of us in a hotel in Tampa in 2007.  ConnectWise rewarded the attendee veterans with very nice and thoughtful gifts.  Connect with me on LinkedIn and I will tell you regular news and information about this year’s ITNation Connect 2019 event and on other topics as well.

Much has changed at ConnectWise since the acquisition earlier of 2019.

ITNation Connect 2019: Here are the most important and noteworthy changes:

  1. Jason Magee became the successor and is a brilliant CEO.  The keynote he gave was very well received with direction and strategy addressed.  He is not new to the ITNation ecosystem so we can expect good leadership and management from his administration.
  2. The announcement of the acquisition of ITBoost and Continuum was not a surprise to many of the MSPs who attended.  Is it even possible to keep that big of a secret these days?
  3. ITNation Gives is a “must-see” valuable event.  This is the second year we participated in ITN Gives.  Approximately 30 MSPs went to the Orlando Day Nursery where we helped garden, paint, and had games for the children plus a lot more.

A recent rumor is that the goal of this new administration is to get at least 20,000 attendees for the ITNation event in three years’ time.  With a little under 3,900 attendees last November 2019 in Orlando, this is an aggressive goal.  However, with the recent acquisitions and consolidation of shows accomplished, it will be interesting to see if this can be achieved.

On the whole, the ITNation Connect 2019 is continuously rising with more MSPs and IT vendors discovering the benefits they get from joining an MSP community. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and have your own set of professional business boosters.

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