Zhayne Nel, Charles Street Solutions

This product is our daily ticketing tool.  We love how this product works and the various features it has to offer. We are a London based MSP and would recommend this product.

Greg Bischer, Bischer Technologies

CWDash is the product I’ve been searching for, one click reports for all of the common day to day metrics and scorecard’s I need to run my business more efficiently. I highly recommend this product, Kudos to Joe and his team at CWDash.

Jon Allred, Nucentric Solutions

We’ve been a CW partner since 2005 and it’s been challenging to get to some of the metrics we want to track. CWDash out of the box has helped us do that very easily! Good product.

Nic Poague, One2One Computer Services

[CWDash is an] Excellent tool to supplement ConnectWise. Support is great as well – they always listen to your feedback add enhancements with each release. Plus, the panels look really cool in your NOC!

Kim Hikichi, Core Information Technologies ltd.

We have dedicated resources watching the boards and running reports all to ensure tickets are not missed and we bill for all our time. In the first week of trial not only was I able to pick out several tickets that fell through the cracks I also found nearly $500 in re occurring revenues that would have gone unbilled.

Tobias Musser, Toby Musser, CEO MNS Group

CWDash is a quick and useful tool. The developers are very responsive to feature requests. The memory footprint is very small, and performance is fantastic compared with other KPI’ish tools we have used. I recommend this product without reservatio

Jim Allen, Advanced Computer Engineering Solutions

Thank you CWDash for providing a useful tool and great support!

Bob McNutt, Desktop Consulting aka Data1st

Just implemented CWDash. Great program and excellent support when I had questions. Already helping us track important KPI numbers daily.

Braden Daniels, CPI Solutions

One of the few products that is easy to setup. No extra servers, software installs or web connections. I have not found a dataset that I needed that I could not create with the CWDash product yet.

Armand Sulter, Infradapt, LLC

We’ve been using CWDash for about a year now, it’s been an awesome help in our day to day operations, it’s so easy to get lost in Connectwise, CWDash put’s the important data right in front of you.