CWDash Workshop January 2020

CWDash Workshop January 2020

CWDash and How It Helps MSPS Grow


CWDash and ForzaDash founder and CEO Joe Pannone, invites Dave Sobel,  an expert technologist, vendor and solution provider from MSP Radio, as the guest speaker for the January 2020 webinar workshop. They discussed CWDash, its background history, and how it helps MSPs grow.


The CWDash History


Joe Pannone founded MSP & AppDev after graduating from college in 1993. Six years later in 1999, the firm acquired companies and tripled in size. It onboarded new platforms namely ConnectWise and Kaseya in 2007. ConnectWise was recommending Kaseya and using it themselves. These two platforms are fierce competitors today but were both available in this firm. MSP & AppDev automated everything that was previously run with its own systems.

In 2008, MSP & AppDev management demanded BI (Business Intelligence) and dashboarding for better performance. A year later, its peers demanded it to be brought to market and met HTG and IT Nation Evolve, who encouraged BETA testing. In 2010, CWDash was marketed as subscription-based with ConnectWise Managed, which is a dashboard platform.

In 2015, the vendors asked to advertise in it since they realized that it’s a zero-waste audience since all users are MSP users. A year after, the subscription was free and that gave rise to more than 3000 MSP users in 2018.

Pannone merged the MSP portion of Forza with MSP giant Logically at Portland main in 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, CWDash has more than 6000 MSPs worldwide and 20,000 MSP prospects using ConnectWise and Kaseya with ForzaDash having about 96% of the bulk.

Dave Sobel discussed the startup fiancing cycle of vendors.  A fascinating look at how vendors start with their founders to IPO.


Startup Financing Cyclle


Why do we care?

  • Follow the money!
  • Motivation is easy for tracking companies.



The Two Free Apps of ForzaDash: CWDash and Kaseya

CWDash: The ConnectWise Managed Business Intelligence Platform Kaseya: The Simple and Light Dashboard for Kaseya RMM
  • 24k partners, 161k users, 6.55M EP, 215 Integration partners
  • $1.2B 2017 valuation, $243m Annual Revenue
  • 79% rec. rev, 95% retention, £313k avg +MRR, 67% Op Mar
  • 2,000+ FTE
  • Thoma Bravo acquired Feb 2019 for 5b
  • IT Nation Connect 2019: >37,000 attendees
  • Acquired Continuum and IT Boost


  • 5k MSPs in 30 countries, 60k users>500k businesses globally
  • 10m End Points WW
  • $30m in R&D in 2018 & 35% organic growth in 2018
  • Net worth $100 Mil/a growing 40% annually w/ EBITDA         > 20%
  • Customer retention 95%
  •  Acquisitions 2018: Vorex, Unigma, Unitrends, RapidFire Tools, Spanning & ITGlue
  •  Acquisitions 2019: ID Agent
  •  Valuation: $1.75B
  • May 2019: PE $500m injection to fuel growth



ConnectWise Using Cloud/Hosted

Cloud Data Access or formerly called CloudConnect allows ConnectWise cloud partners direct SQL access to your ConnectWise data. Acquiring it allows you to use the CWDash product. To subscribe, just contact your ConnectWise account manager. If your account manager is new or unfamiliar with Cloud Data Access, request them to ask their manager about it.

What are the Pain Points?

  1. CW Manage needs real-time BI/Dashboarding.
  2. Once a report is printed, it’s outdated.
  3. How do you measure Performance?
    • Technical
    • Sales/opportunities
    • Hours worked
    • Hours to Resolution (SLA)
    • Ticket load
    • Employee/Member Performance
  4. QBR/Client Summary Exhaustion


CWDash: The ConnectWise Manage Business Intelligence Platform

  • Easy and quick to install, in most cases less than 1 minute!
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Will not slow you down or interrupt your workflow
  • It doesn’t download any of your data! (Just the ads and it’s real-time)
  • Increase the effectiveness of your business with existing data
  • Built with 75+ dashboards (we call them panels)
  • Customizable
  • Easy to understand and little training needed
  • Cloud version is available
  • FREE – with sponsorship (really FREE. no upsell)


CWDash Workshop January 2020:  Top Used Panels

  • Open tickets by service board
  • Open ticks by Age
  • Open tickets by company
  • Timesheet by day (real-time time in of technicians, etc.)
  • Open tickets by status
  • Hours worked by a member (lists how many hours put in by clients/employees)
  • Tickets not acknowledged (Shows the pending tickets that are not yet acknowledged and see the status, assign resources, etc.)

Client/Member Review

  • Need to see Client employee/member activity, summary or totals
  • Export all information to Excel in moments
  • Easy as 1-2-3
  • For QBR /TBR (QBR used to take a half-day to do it. Now the information you need can be done in a minute)


What do new and/or emerging ownership models for the key channel service providers mean for MSPs?

To analyze a company, check its startup financing cycle. Know who the leader is to understand their thinking and their history and follow the money. Ultimately, new leaders get new financial backup. So, the more established the leader and his company is, the more stable the finances become.


CWDash V10 – Pre Release

The latest version of CWDash will be released very soon. If you have the current version, just click update. It has great feedback from our beta testers thus far.


CWDash: 3 Takeaways and Differentiators

Takeaways Differentiators
1.      Makes your MSP more efficient

2.      Makes your MSP more profitable

3.      Real-Time Dashboard for ConnectWise Manage

1.      FREE with sponsorship

2.      Light Windows App

3.      Does not take your data


Call To Action When Using CWDash

  • Dive deeper
  • What else would you like to see?
  • Install on my workstations (move Key) for multiple workstations and just install all over your site; no user limit and install just once and you can use it on multiple workstations.

Don’t have CWDash, but want to subscribe?












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