Top 5 ways to increase dispatch productivity with ConnectWise

Is dispatch stuck on the Dispatch Portal and needs more information? Is dispatch spending too much time chasing down answers? At Forza Technology Solutions our dispatch needs more real-time information. In order to increasedispatch productivity, dispatch needs answers to questions in real-time:

  • How many tickets are delinquent (have not been touched for 48 hours)?
  • How many tickets does each technician have open?
  • What is the status of the technician’s open tickets?
  • How many tickets were opened last night or last weekend when we were away?
  • How many tickets does each client have open?

In order for dispatch to do their job effectively these questions and more need to be answered in real time. This is one of the main reasons why we made CWDash.

Once these questions are answered dispatch can effectively do their job. You will see increase dispatch productivity, increased tech satisfaction and stay busy and billable.