IT Managed Service Providers – Technology Challenges You Can Solve

IT Managed Service Providers

IT Managed Service Providers – Technology Challenges You Can Solve

Technology is a vital part of the digital world, particularly in operating and driving business growth. Thus, the indispensable role of IT managed service providers is much needed now more than ever. Small and large companies are continuously struggling with ever-changing technology challenges. IT MSPs like you will help address those issues that businesses struggle with.

You’re On The Right Track As IT Managed Service Providers

As a managed service provider IT, hiring you opens every company’s gateway to business growth, profitability, and success. MSPs manage the end-user and IT systems of client companies from a remote location. Your business offers a wide range of IT solutions, focusing on delivering top-notch IT support. More and more companies see a significant difference in outsourcing their IT experts in a highly digitized society.

Managed IT Services and Common Technology Problems

Running a business in a technologically operated and advanced world is not a piece of cake. In fact, using traditional ways of doing business can be disastrous to a lot of companies. The need to digitize and upgrade is essential if companies do not want to be left behind. Outsourcing IT managed service providers is the key to making today’s businesses on par with the competition. Most importantly, it can offer an edge to companies as they work with IT experts like you.

Companies realize that addressing some IT problems on their own may not be the best route for their business. This is true especially if they are dealing with more complex and challenging issues. When they hire you as an IT MSP, some of their most daunting IT dilemmas are solved.

Here are some of the common technical problems that IT managed service providers can solve:

  • Weak Cyber Security

Every company should look into cyber security as their main and highest priority issue. For instance, there have been increased attacks on cybersecurity in the business or corporate sector. The number and severity of cyber-attacks in recent years has been increasing alarmingly. Furthermore, no company is ever exempted from being hacked with devastating impact.

Weak Cyber Security

Your Role as IT Managed Service Providers

On top of the financial losses, cyber-attacks cost businesses their peace of mind particularly business owners or company leaders. However, hiring an IT managed service provider can help them protect their business from day one. It also avoids downtime and helps companies in compliance with regulatory requirements.

As MSP technology experts, you help businesses access more complicated and sophisticated cloud security systems. Your team of highly trained cybersecurity specialists works closely with your clients. Reputable MSPs also provide a comprehensive cloud backup solution for their clients as well as proactive services. These solutions are designed for the protection of your company against cyber threats.

According to Verizon, 58% of malware cyber-attacks are focused on small businesses. Thus, IT managed service providers are relevant and necessary investments for both small start-ups and established large companies.

  • Lack of Strategic Work from IT Staff

Driving innovation to the company should be one of the top priorities of their IT staff. This is quite relevant in a digital world where technology is an integral part of everything. However, this is quite hard to achieve with small businesses. Their IT staff’s focus is on merely running the company and catering to the needs of their customers.

Your Role as IT Managed Service Providers

Your work as an MSP covers IT management, which allows the in-house IT staff to work on other value-added projects. They will have the time to initiate and continue innovating on upgrades for the company’s existing system. Moreover, this will also increase their productivity and reduce worker fatigue and professional discontent.

The notion that outsourcing an IT MSP could result in the retrenchment of in-house IT staff is a total misconception. In fact, experts in the industry reiterate that only 6% of the businesses working with MSPs eliminate their IT staff. Furthermore, 53% keep their IT department.

  • Poor Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the nightmares of today’s businesses is losing all their data or extended downtime of their system. This is quite understandable since companies are quite dependent on technology for their normal business processes. Thus, an effective and efficient disaster recovery plan is a must as data is your most critical asset. This is where your IT MSP expertise comes in.

Your Role as IT Managed Service Providers

Companies experience devastating losses especially with a significant loss of data access. In fact, an estimate of 25% of companies would not reopen again after experiencing such a disaster. The devastating result is even worse with companies that do not have a backup recovery plan. Unfortunately, 45% of these businesses will not be able to recover or survive.

As an IT MSP’s expert, you prove to be life-saving for businesses that made a lucrative investment to outsource. For instance, your service identifies the possible threats in relation to data disasters and losses. You also help determine and build an emergency communication plan along with a recovery team.

As a 3rd party IT expert, your professional work such as developing an evacuation strategy is materialized. Most importantly, you help develop a business continuity plan in case a data disaster happens.

MSPs back up the company data once you organized the disaster recovery plan. You also provide the essential resources for the recovery plan implementation. All in all, your indispensable role is to help companies remain in business if ever an IT disaster strikes.

  • Downtime

Businesses consider downtime as an all-time threat resulting in something catastrophic for the company. Downtime can lead to an important client presentation being canceled or delays in filling orders. However, it can be inevitable because equipment failures happen and nobody is exempted. Problems such as hard drive crashing or networks going down result in downtime.


Your Role as IT Managed Service Providers

Your IT solution helps businesses back up their data and manage their IT system to avoid significant downtime. As highly trained technicians, you see to it that their systems are running at optimal efficiency.

It is your job to make sure that the business operations keep on working. You make this happen most especially if technical failures take place. Moreover, you can quote guaranteed uptime using the resources at your disposal. For instance, your IT solution should include the horsepower to meet those guarantees.

  • High IT Costs

All businesses want to reduce their IT costs by whatever means possible. This may include outsourcing their IT department or important IT tasks. Cost-cutting on IT expenditures is quite relevant, especially for small start-up businesses. Thus, they are the most common clients for IT MSPs.

Your Role as IT Managed Service Providers

A third-party IT service provider allows companies to reduce their costs without missing the benefits of technological use. The economies of scale that you can help companies achieve include the acquisition of software. Your services can also help them save by acquiring hardware and working with experienced IT personnel.

Businesses are able to predict their monthly costs because most contracts are typically fixed. Your MSP fees are likewise considered as operating expenses versus capital expenditures.

How to Maximize Your IT MSP Role and Indispensability

Given the common technical problems, it is quite clear that IT managed service providers are a necessity to their solution. As a service provider, you need to establish your authority and critical role in business operations. Take note that there are also numerous IT MSPs out there. How do you convince businesses to choose you over your competitors?

A managed service provider that specializes in IT solutions should be fully equipped to render their services. You need the tools and equipment to do your job description with seamless precision and excellence.  For instance, you need the essential application for MSPs such as the CWDash.

It is a program that IT professionals use to simplify and improve the operations of their database. You need an application that continuously grows and improves along with the changing needs of the technology industry. Use a product that allows you to be on top of your game in solving the most common technical issues. Trust an application that gives you real-time data while specializing in User Interface, Database Design, and Application Development.


Startup and established businesses alike see the importance of IT managed service providers today. The ever-growing and changing needs for technology in business operations and growth make your role as an IT MSP expert vital. Thus, you are on the right track with a business that is truly in demand for years to come.

Your challenge, on the other hand, is on how you can successfully and satisfactorily perform your role in IT management. You need the right tools, people, and resources to ensure your authority in such a competitive niche. Using the right applications and software is your foundation. Learn more about how to be one of the CWDash IT managed service providers. Call now to access our free tools today!

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