Cloud Data Access

Cloud Data Access

Cloud Data Access

Thank you for requesting CWDash for ConnectWise Cloud / Hosted. Did you know that ConnectWise offers Cloud Data Access (Formerly:  CloudConnect) which allows cloud partners direct (SQL) access to your ConnectWise data?  This product is great as it allows you to write reports and backup YOUR OWN DATA. Acquiring access to this will allow you to use our CWDash product.

The CWDash Product

CWDash is an excellent Business Intelligence (BI) application (app) that collaborates exclusively with ConnectWise Manage both On-Premises and In-The-Cloud. This allows you to use the personalized panels, which eradicate queries and provides you the chance to create a panel that operates in real-time.


What features of ConnecWise Manage can you explore when you subscribe to Cloud Data Access and CWDash? 

ConnectWise Manage together with CWDash enables you to automate procedures as well as gains effectiveness in all aspects of your business.

Here are the features that you can benefit automation from:

  1. Help Desk
  2. Agreements
  3. Cloud Billing
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Procurement
  6. Time Tracking & Billing
  7. Project Management
  8. Reporting

As you can realize, using ConnectWise Manage and its exclusive data access provider, CWDash, can afford these 4 benefits:

  1. Improved communication between teams or departments and among its members.
  2. Peace of mind as you gain control of the processes and other company procedures.
  3. Enhanced customer service by facilitating communication and feedback quickly and efficiently.
  4. Increased income and decreased expenses, fees, and costs.

On the whole, requesting the Cloud Data Access provides you the chance to have procedure automation for optimum revenue gains. Please contact your ConnectWise account manager for more information on this access, then use CWDash! If your account manager has never heard of this SQL access, then he/she may be new so ask his/her to refer to the manager.