How To Sell IT Services – MSP Secrets That Are Simple But Effective

How to Sell IT Services

How to sell IT services? This is one of the most important questions that managed service providers should highlight in their business goals. You are on the right track if you are in the MSP industry with its steady and promising growth phase. In this competitive sector, selling your IT services and solutions is still an evident challenge and struggle.

How To Sell IT Services?

Your company is not the only MSP out there. With the rising demands for this service provider, it is not surprising that it is beaming with the competition. So, how exactly do you make sure that you are the leading MSP and your IT solutions sold out?

The good news for you is that you are numerous ways to help you out. Positioning yourself in the massive and competitive MSP market means getting all the help you need. For instance, you need top-notch customer solutions, a great IT product or service, and innovative software tools. However, good sales would need more than the basic campaigns available.

There is a complex process on how to sell IT services particularly to small, start-up as well as medium-sized businesses. Breaking down these processes to incorporate numerous effective strategies could make a huge difference in your sales. Most importantly, employing proven and tested software tools such as CWDash works.

Beating Common IT Sales Challenges

Just like other industries, the MSP sector is also bombarded with selling challenges and struggles. However, beating all these difficulties is possible especially if you know what to do to deal with them and overcome them. Moreover, there are myriads of selling opportunities available even in a saturated or crowded market. Thus, the industry is a goldmine for IT services and solutions for more profitability and boosting business growth.

So, how to sell IT services by beating the difficulties in sales?

Know the Pain Point… Address It

It is not enough that you know how to sell your services to your clients that need IT solutions for their business. Make sure that you know and focus on the pain point or challenge that your potential struggles with their IT. Selling your solutions means explaining to them how your offer can solve their problem and ease their load. Most importantly, highlight how your IT solutions can make their business and life so much better.

Therefore, if data management is the pain point of your client, then your pitch should highlight your cloud storage feature. You should also emphasize how your IT solution can significantly reduce the cost of data storage as well as maintenance.

How to Sell IT Services
Give a Comprehensive Customer Education

Always assume that your SMB has zero background in technology and cannot initially understand your IT product. Provide a comprehensive background of your IT service, explaining all the basics that your potential client will understand. Focus on why they need your MSP services, making it a priority in their annual budget. Your ongoing sales campaign technique should always include educating your client and introducing them to the MSP world.

Make a Technology Investment

Sell IT services effectively by investing in the right and latest technology available on the market. Take note that you are competing with other MSPs out there. Your competition may have more IT solutions that you can offer. That’s a scenario you would not want to find yourself in. Potential clients expect that you have the most innovative and latest IT services for them. Thus, you must constantly upgrade and update your IT software products. Invest in technology as well as make the right choice for your business to be on top of your game.

Creating a Great Marketing Campaign Means Stronger Demands

The MSP industry is experiencing remarkable growth in a phase now and in the years to come. Make sure that you capitalize on this trend because this is the time when to boost your IT sales. How to sell IT services at this time? Attract valuable clients by developing and implementing a strong marketing campaign. Create a buyer persona, which could help you narrow down your customer demographics.

Do emphasize your IT solutions and how they can maximize your clients’ return on investment. Your effective marketing campaign should be a smorgasbord of strategies and tools. This may include emails, SEO strategies, and other tools that help you reach a wider market.

Make the Right Service Price/Rate

One of the ways to sell IT solutions to potential clients is to price them right. Your service rate should depend on how valuable they are to their business and not the incurred costs. A good way to make this happen is to research the competition. How much do they charge for the same IT solutions? Moreover, know how much your target clients could afford based on their realistic budget. Having a fair pricing strategy could make a world of difference to show you how to sell IT services. It can also help you keep up and even lead the competition in the market.

How to Sell IT Services

Proven Tips for IT Sales Success To Sell IT Services

As an MSP, you should know that this is the perfect time for you to take advantage of the demands in this niche. The changes in how people do business make a huge turn towards companies requiring solutions from managed service providers. This steady growth is true across industries thus, it should be the best timing for IT sales and success.

How do you ensure your sales and success in selling MSP IT services?

Partner with the Right IT Sponsor

Forging the right partnership with an IT vendor is key to your success. The MSP ecosystem is a competitive one to deal with. However, you can be in a more stable and established position if you have the right partner by your side. You need to find and choose the right IT sponsor because your partnership can either make or break your business. Partnerships bring your MSP business to a higher level if you have mutual goals for success. Successful collaboration means aligning with an IT partner that not only complements but helps boost your business.

Join an MSP Community

One of the best ways on how to sell IT services is to be a part of a good MSP ecosystem. You can expand and widen your network if you are a part of a community. For instance, an MSP community is where you can find and get in touch with other MSPs and IT sponsors. This is the ideal venue where you can find like-minded people on the same bandwagon. You can find your future IT partner in this community as well. All you have to do is download and use their app and you are good to go collaborating or simply exploring the MSP community.

Use the Best Software Tools

How to sell IT services with the right software tools or apps? MSPs have a lot of choices when it comes to the tools and apps they can use at their disposal. One of the innovative solutions that you have as a managed service provider is CWDash. This business intelligence app will show you how to do your business services online effectively.

It is sponsored-based and you can use it free of charge with In-The-Cloud or ConnectWise Manage features. You have fully customized panels or dashboards, which eliminate other time-consuming queries. Moreover, it offers flexible accessibility as you can use it on your desktop in real-time. This is exactly the right tool if you want to manage your clients and their profile once you make that IT service sale.

Final Thought

The MSP industry is undoubtedly one of the thriving sectors in the world today. Consumers are significantly making tremendous changes in the way they make business. Thus, businesses also make sure that they can cater to the changing needs and preferences of their customers. This is where managed service providers come in.


The increasing demand for MSPs leads to more needs for IT services and solutions. As an MSP business, it is your duty to sell these IT services and products to your clients. However, due to the rising competition in the industry, selling is more challenging than ever before. The good news is that you have plenty of options and help to achieve your business goals, sales, and growth.


How to sell IT services? First, make sure that you know the different challenges and struggles that you would be facing along the way. Only when you have identified and addressed these pitfalls can you create a strong and effective marketing campaign. Effective sales of IT services may take time as you need to establish customer knowledge and preference for your offers. Moreover, you must maintain client loyalty given the competition in the market.


With the help of trusted and proven tools such as CWDash, achieving your goals and maintaining your leadership is possible. Get all the help you need from your marketing campaign on how to sell IT services to maintenance solutions. Learn more about the best MSP strategies and techniques today. Call us to know more about CWDash and our other free tools.