ConnectWise Enforcing MFA to Automate

ConnectWise is enforcing MFA to Automate

   Gone are the days of those few simple security questions: “What was your first pet’s name” or “Who was your childhood hero?” With today’s security vulnerabilities, that just isn’t cutting it.

  Multi-factor Authentication is a security necessity.  

In the IT Community, MFA is a hot button item that we’ll continue to hear about quite a bit. Many have already jumped on-board and have found comfort in the seat of this security must, with many more following suit.

ConnectWise is enforcing MFA to Automate, and we can only assume that Manage will be next.   Soon enough, we expect it will.

  Are you prepared to comply?

  It is mandatory that we protect and uphold our security, it is mandatory that we do the same for our customers, and expect the same from partners and vendors, alike.

  Have you mandated MFA as a part of YOUR OWN organization’s security practices?
Have you mandated MFA as a part of YOUR CUSTOMERS’ security practices?

  Don’t be left scrambling last minute, or even worse, picking up the pieces AFTER your data has been compromised. Multi-factor Authentication is today’s security must.